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portrait photography how to prepare for a portrait photoshoot?

Portrait photography is a team work. Half of the success is up to you.
But don’t worry – with just a little preparation, you can help it a lot.

Make this photoshoot a day just for yourself, ease your mind and have a great experience!
It is a time just for you, anything goes. Relax and enjoy yourself. And what more?

tips & tricks for you

for everybody:

How to – portrait photo
  • If possible, make an appointment with your hairdresser a day before the photoshoot. Choose a haircut that you already know fits you well. Don’t experiment – a radically new haircut might make you feel insecure.
  • The night before the photoshoot, do not stay up long, instead have a good night sleep. Tired face and bags under the eyes will not look good on the pictures.
  • Prepare a large selection of clothing as an option to change into. The more, the better. Again, choose what you already know fits you well. Prefer clothing that has no visible pattern, pictures or labels. Plain, single-colored pieces are the way to go.
  • Don’t be afraid to put together various “looks”. For sure, there are more styles that fit you. What may you be at times? Urban hipster in a hoody? Important office queen in a skirt suit? Hard-rocker in a leather jacket? Fair princess in a sunlit dress? Sporty ace in a T-shirt…?
  • You can also prepare some accessories like scarf, caps, hats and the like. Those can be incorporated into the looks.  
  • Iron the clothing. Wrinkles on it will be visible on the pictures.
  • If you have problematic complexion, try and address the symptoms the night before.
    Oily complexion: remove grease before going to bed.
    Dry complexion: peel, hydrate before going to bed.

for women:

  • If possible depilate freshly. Also armpits, in case you plan to wear sleeveless top. Also any undesirable fine hairs in your face.
  • If you can do yourself a perfect make-up, definitely prepare the necessary cosmetics. If you go for natural look, then mainly corrective (powder, cover-up lotion…)
  • Push-up bra might help for sure, but it should not be too visible.
How to – portrait photo
How to – portrait photo

for men:

  • Do not forget to shave, trim your beard / mustache… whatever look you prefer and want. A two days old stubble might be OK, if it looks good on you.
  • As a bare minimum take jeans, one plain-white and one plain-black T-shirt. Both without any logos or branding, not very loose, just a bit tight fit.